"Jewelry for Your Home"

As you see more of our site and get a feel for what we do, please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have.

Our mission is to help you obtain the best possible and most appropriate look for your home's decorative hardware within the budget you, your builder or your designer has set.

Cabinet Hardware

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Crystal hardware

Decorative Hardware with Crystal

Some call it "bling."

Ornate detailed hardware

Decorative Hardware with Ornate Detail

Embellish your finely built furniture design.

Oversized hardware

Oversized Hardware

Tall ceilings, large armoires, tall enterainment centers need larger hardware.

Basic cabiinet hardware

Basic Hardware

We can sell for less than the "big box" stores for identical items.

Appliance pulls.

Appliance Pulls

Preferred where appliances are faced the same as surrounding cabinetry— for an elegant, integrated custom look.

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